December 1958—I’m Outta Here!

2019. Acrylic on wood panel, 24 x 24″

Here is my first painting after receiving news that I was awarded a CNYArts Individual Artist Grant to help with my project on Lichtenstein in Oswego. I had just ordered 15 tubes of oil paint, and flew into the studio to create this acrylic interpretation of what Roy may have decided to do during the great Thanksgiving weekend snowstorm of 1958. Six feet of snow dumped on the town in just two days.

Life magazine sent up photographer Carl Mydans to capture the aftermath. Nothing new to Oswegonians. However, its effect of Roy we can only imagine. He’ll mention the snows of Oswego during his job interview at Douglas College (at Rutgers). He’ll tell the interviewing committee how he had to shovel out his door many mornings on his journey to work.

I imagine the man centered in the photo to be Roy doing some downtown Christmas shopping. Who knows?